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By June 13, 2015Video Series

Hello Artist Friends!

Here is another how-to-draw video for you to try: how to draw a giraffe. I will posting a series of jungle animals and foliage over the next month. This year, I added a new lesson plan to Great Artist ProgramHenri Rousseau. The students have totally rocked this one. His jungle paintings are amazing and a great source of inspiration!

I thought you might enjoy drawing some jungle animals as well. All you need is a piece of paper and something to draw with. Something fun to do with this drawing is an oil pastel wash. You can draw and color  your giraffe in with oil pastels and then make a blue (or any color you choose) tempera or watercolor wash to go over your entire painting. You can watch the wild things video again to remind you how to do a wash.

One of my very first drawings was of a giraffe. I was four and my mom tells me that after I drew this, she knew I had an artistic gift. She was an incredible art championfor me. She gave me art supplies, she read books to know how to encourage me, she signed me up for art lessons, and encouraged my creativity. I am so grateful for her attention to my needs and gifts. Now that I’m a mom, and driving kids all over for lessons, I realize the great sacrifice of time, money, and encouragement she gave to me. I read once that you don’t have to give EVERYTHING to your children. The greatest gift you can give is teaching them a skill or talent that means a lot to you. I am trying to pass on my love and enthusiasm of art to my children, to the students at my neighborhood elementary school, to the teenagers in my neighborhood and to children everywhere through my Great Artist Program and this blog. I hope I am making a difference.

Have fun drawing!

-Laurie White

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