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Hi Art Friends,

I had the delight and pleasure to attend The Guggenheim Museum in New York City for the first time this week. The artist on display was one, Christopher Wool. From the abstract on massive canvases to haunting photographs, Wool allowed us to look at New York through a lens so grungy and fragmented it was easier to feel  than simply see. Wool grew up in Chicago during the 1950′s and eventually moved to the heart of New York City in his late teens. Wool was described as having “abstained from the expressionism of color and the gestural brushstroke to favor stark, monochrome compositions that employed commercial tools and imagery appropriated from mass culture.”  He used sheets of aluminum and rollers to create enameled conversations between  anxious black marks and  serene white backgrounds. Later on in his career, he created “word art,” purely meant to be a study of the form of the letters, but the letters spell words that connect to us in our human condition. It was so fun to spiral my way through this museum and I hope to make many more visits. In the meantime, Christopher Wool inspired me to try my hand and my own stencil work and silk screening. Check out this fun activity and send us pictures of your own creations!



Stephanie White

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