Sunday Sessions: Eric Carle Lions

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Hello Artist Friends!

Don’t you just love Eric Carle? I do! I LOVE his illustrations. His use of color, texture, and pattern against that white background gets me every time. This past Sunday, I did an art project with the cousins, Sunday Sessions,  to celebrate the month of March! You know the saying “In like a LION out like a LAMB”. Well, we used some Eric Carle methods to make some pretty great lions.


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First I had the boys fold their papers in fourths. It was nice weather, so I had them use watercolors and paint each square a different color combination. Try to paint all the way to the edges so you have a full square to work with. Then let it dry.

Next, cut your squares apart and get ready to draw. We looked at the lion in Eric Carle’s book Polar bear, polar bear what do you hear? for inspiration.

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When you look at Eric Carle paintings, you can see the shapes he cut out of paper. Use simple shapes and lines to draw your lion. Did you know he paints on tissue paper and then lays it over a pattern, cuts it out and glues it to white paper? You can see his ideas and his method in more detail here and here.

We drew each part of the lion on the back of a different painted square. We used one piece for the body, one for the head, one for the maine and tail, and one for the legs. After you cut your body parts out, glue them together on a clean sheet of white paper.

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