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Are you getting ready for Christmas? I am! I LOVE December so much. One of my very favorite things is going into my children’s classrooms and teaching them how to draw Santa in his sleigh with the reindeer flying over all the homes he will visit. This project is so much fun. I’ve been teaching it for years, but this is the first time that I have put it into a lesson so that everyone else can draw it too! If you are looking for a fun way to volunteer in the classroom this month, this is the perfect project! Plan on about an hour to complete it. It would be perfect for a party activity as well.

You will need a piece of white drawing paper, crayons, and some blue tempera paint, a bowl, and large brush. If you don’t have tempera, you could use a little craft acrylic or even watercolors. You will be making a wash to go over your crayon drawing. The lesson plan explains step-by-step how to draw your Santa picture. Just follow the instructions and the drawings by doing one line or shape at a time. It might look hard, but I know you can do it! I have all of my kid’s paintings from the past years hung in my hall and laundry room! They make me smile every time I pass them. I hope you have a great time with this drawing, and that you will share it with your friends and neighbors and even your schools!

Have a very Merry Christmas!



download the instructions here: Santa-lesson-plan

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