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Hello Art Friends!

Art teachers, elementary teachers and moms, are YOU getting into the fall spirit with your art?

At my school, I devoted October to Native American Art. I taught Ravens to my younger grades inspired by Pacific Northwest Indian Totem poles. We drew ravens on construction paper with crayons using “ovoid shapes” (a rounded rectangle), “u” shapes, “s” shapes, and form lines. After coloring our ravens, we added a dash-line sun in the background.

In Utah schools, the fourth grade curriculum is Utah History, and the students just finished their Native American unit. I wanted to collaborate and integrate the Core curriculum into art class. I taught them how to draw Indian Chiefs in pencil onwatercolor paper. We focused on design and color. Then they used watercolors to paint their chiefs. While they were working individually on their chiefs, we wereworking on a collaborative mural that flanks the entrance to the fourth grade hall.

We were inspired by the book, “The Girl who Loved Horses by Paul Globe



His books are amazing! His illustrations are thebest when teaching Native American History and art. Each class worked on different parts of the drawing and then the coloring. One class drew the horses and teepees. One class drew the birds and butterflies. And one class drew the foliage. With each class, I showed them a demonstration of how they could draw their assignment and gave them parameters like stay above this line, and below the line of the bluff. Or, don’t draw birds in the middle of the sun or butterflies above the teepees. For the most part, they listened 🙂

NEXT, we colored! We used markers on the details foreground. The horses, teepees, foliage and birds were all done in marker. The next class used chalk pastels to blend warm colors for the bluff and green behind the foliage. The last class used tempera cakes to paint the sun. It was amazing to see how well the students worked together. They were very proud of their work and kept each other on task. They wanted important jobs and were excited for their turn and their assignment each week. We were all so proud of how it turned out.

IMG_9912 IMG_9928 IMG_9914 IMG_9913

Stay tuned for more collaborative mural designs with 5th grade US History and third grade multiplication “array cities”. Check out some Paul Globe books from your local library and get inspired to recreate some Native American Art. I am very thankful for our American Heritage and the beautiful art and design that these first Americans share.

Happy Creating and we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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