Great Artist Program Founder:

Elementary Art Education

Laurie White, the creator of the Great Artist Program, is both an artist and a teacher.  With a bachelor’s degree in education and more than twelve years of experience teaching art in the classroom, Laurie designed this turnkey program that empowers volunteers with fun and easy-to-teach lessons.

Laurie has been teaching art since 1994. She was a first grade teacher before she and her husband started their family.  They are the parents of seven children. Laurie has been teaching art in each of their classrooms since 2000.  Teaching art is Laurie’s favorite way to volunteer and contribute to the world. She loves making a difference . . . one little artist and masterpiece at a time. Laurie believes that every child is an artist, and that everyone can learn how to draw.

“Being creative and expressing ourselves through art is something we were meant to do,” says Laurie. She enjoys teaching children & teens at her home and in the community, cooking for her family, vacations, and creating just about anything. Her secret wish is to home-school her children in New York or Paris where she could take them to museums everyday and eat yummy food in the park.