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The Great Artist Program has done wonderful things for our school. The students really look forward to the monthly lesson and art project. I have been amazed as the artwork created; the students have blossomed into true artists! The program is a tremendous ‘bang-for-our-buck’, as the investment is minimal in relation to the growth the students are experiencing. It’s a highly affordable way to bring real art study and practice into your school while at the same time facilitating parent volunteerism and a mini ‘break” for teachers.

– Mr. Glathar
Principal, Early Light Academy

Willow Canyon Elementary LOVES the Great Artist Program! It’s amazing to walk around the building and see incredible art hanging on the walls. Each colorful display is inspired by the world’s most well respected artists, but created by our very own students. The kids enjoy learning a little about each new artist, and the mediums and techniques they used, but of course their favorite moment is when the teacher turns them loose to create a masterpiece of their own!

The Great Artist Program not only teaches students about some of the most famous artists throughout history, it motivates students to become Great Artists themselves!

– Todd Theobald
Principal, Willow Canyon Elementary

The kids come home with art that is frame-able

– Kelli Trounce
Parent Volunteer

I love the Great Artist program. Our students love it and love to learn and create. Through this program every student in our school feels like an Artist!!

– Joy Zoellner
PTA President

At our school I have noticed a profound, positive change in attitude and demeanor within my students. I would highly recommend this program to all educational facilities.

– Candace Miyake
3rd Grade Teacher

Willow Canyon has a wonderful Art Education program that gives our students hands-on art education. The Great Artists program was the brainchild of Laurie White, one of our parents, an artist, and a teacher. She developed the Great Artists program to give the students at Willow Canyon the chance to learn about well-known artists, and have an opportunity to experience their works through hands-on art activities. Each artist is spotlighted, and the students are given a chance to create their own work of art using different mediums and tools similar to that used by the artist.

– Marisa Andersen
PTA President

I love the Great Artist Program because it brings out the artist in every child. It allows every child an opportunity to express their vision and talents in other ways. I appreciate that the program provides a sense of accomplishment and success for every child. Every child is given a chance to produce a masterpiece they are proud of producing.

– Melissa Chipman
1st Grade Teacher

The Great Artist Program is a great way to not only introduce artists to children, but to also show children that they can create beautiful art with a few simple instructions.

– Mrs. Tarpenning
3rd Grade Teacher

It’s my favorite way to volunteer! It’s easy, organized and the kids love it!

– Jen Wilcox
Art Parent Volunteer

I love the Great Artist Program! My students are getting so much out of this. We really enjoy having someone else teach them about the artists backgrounds and using art vocabulary that we are not always exposed to in our regular art lessons. I have had several come up to me afterwards and say they felt like “real artists”. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this program!

– Mrs. Beach
3rd Grade Teacher

I love working with the Great Artists program. It is fun for me and the children to learn about different artists and their work. I have so enjoyed seeing the looks on the faces of the children when they realize that they can create a masterpiece at any level and they delight in the progress that they can make. The training was so helpful in becoming familiar with the lesson plans and making each lesson successful in the classroom.

– Jennifer Osborne
Art Parent Volunteer

The Great Artists Program helps teachers to implement art techniques of the Great Artists without having to plan. It’s a huge timesaver!

– Amy Hilton
3rd Grade Teacher

When I was challenged to be the art mom for my daughter’s class, I really didn’t feel qualified. After some thought, I figured kindergartners wouldn’t judge my art abilities and decided to take on the challenge. As I was picking up my art supplies in the library for the first time, the librarian looked at me enthusiastically and said, “Oh, you will be their favorite visitor. The kids love the art lessons.” Happily, I discovered that every time I walk into the room for that month’s lesson, the kids faces light up and they immediately get excited to learn about a new artist. The lesson plans are very basic and straightforward. They have been very easy for me to follow and teach the kids. I am amazed at how much the kids remember when I quiz them about past lessons. It is so fun to see how each child’s masterpieces turn out. This experience has been a delight!

– Sicely Buxton
Art Parent Volunteer

I love the Great Artist Program! The kids are engaged and not only drawing, but also learning about the artist and their life!

– Mrs. Remington
6th Grade Teacher

As a teacher, but not an artist, I have absolutely loved the Great Artist Program in our school. I have learned so much about different artists and their styles. I am so glad that my students have had the opportunity to learn as well. The big PLUS—one less thing to plan and organize. What a FABULOUS program!

– Trish Morrison
4th Grade Teacher

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