Cezanne and the incredible fourth graders

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I hope you are having a day filled with color, drawing, and creating! I wanted to share some incredible fourth grade art with you today. These Cezanne still lives were done with oil pastel on construction paper. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen better Cezanne’s than these in all my years of volunteering with Great Artist Program.

Do you know what makes these drawings so incredible? Using two colors for each object.


If you use two colors that go together (or colors next to each other on the color wheel) you can make your drawings more realistic. I always put yellow under orange, red, brown, and green. The yellow covers up the white of the paper and is a warm backdrop to mix your other colors on top. Also, the trick to making white look white? Add blue shadows!

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Cezanne inspired still life

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You can make a fabulous still life like these fourth graders. Set out some fruit on a white plate. Draw your drawing with a blue oil pastel. Now, color your fruit in using two or even three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Add your white with blue shadows. Now, add a contrasting color for your background. Voila! You have a Cezanne still life sensation of your own!

Don’t you just love how everyone’s is different? I always tell my students, “you are the artist of your paper”. “If it looks different from mine, Cezanne’s, and your neighbor’s, then you did it right!”

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Have fun drawing,

-Laurie White

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