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Hello Friends,

Need a snowy/rainy day activity? Here’s some BIG art ideas with butcher paper. One of my favorite childhood memories is drawing on butcher paper in the kitchen. My mom used to have a huge roll and she would trace us on the roll, and then we would draw our face and clothes and color it in with crayons. Recently, my aunt brought me a roll of paper and I immediately traced my youngest kiddos and their friends and let them loose.

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BIG art with butcher paper for little kiddos

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I encouraged my son and his friend to draw themselves as a superhero of their choice. They loved adding the appropriate details to their traced outline. They spent at least 45 minutes, which for my kids, is a miracle :)

One tip for you: when you draw under their ears and down to their shoulders, make sure to make the line as long as you can or they will end up with a very short neck. Also, I like to draw their chin line for them.

For the very young, you can trace and let them go to town, or you can help them with a little mural. My youngest has special needs and is still in the scribbling stage as well as drawing on my walls, couch, and anything in his way. I put him in his high chair and scooted him to the table. I taped a sheet of butcher paper across the entire end of the table and then drew some very simple dinosaurs he requested. Then I gave him a few markers and crayons and let him color to his heart’s content.

Another great idea for butcher paper is a giant mural! You could suggest the ocean,space, the jungle, or a new planet, and let your kids go wild with their imagination. You can use the guided videos to remember how to draw simple subjects. Make sure to hang your mural up when they are done! Art appreciation is an important part of art education.

Have fun my art friends!

-Laurie White

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