Amazing artists: Monet and first-graders

By June 13, 2015Art In Action

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Hello Friends,

I wanted to share some amazing artists with you today: Claude Monet and some very talented first-graders. Last week it was my pleasure to teach two of our first grade classes the Monet lesson for the Great Artist Program. The students at our school never cease to amaze me. Like Picasso, I believe “everyone is an artist”. Seeing these young artists follow along with a lesson plan and produce such amazing art brings me so much joy and purpose.

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I have had the opportunity recently to share my passion about art education with moms, artists, bloggers, and educators. I firmly believe that if you can give young artists successful art experiences, they will  continue in their creativity and their confidence will grow with each experience. When you teach a child how to draw something new, it stays with them. That knowledge is added to their drawing repertoire. The more they learn, the more confident they are to express themselves artistically.

Art education is so important to the overall development of the elementary student. It helps them solve problems, offers different view points, helps them express their ideas, and gives them confidence to solve creatively. If you are in a school district who still places emphasis on the arts, count yourself lucky. If not, become an art champion and bring art into your student’s lives and education. It is the best volunteer job in the school!

-Laurie White

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