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Elementary Art Programs For Educators & Schools Everywhere

The Great Artist Program is a volunteer-based, turnkey elementary art education program for grades K–6. Our elementary art program uses the great artists of the past to inspire and teach the great artists of the future.  Students not only learn about  great artists, they are given the skills and confidence to be a great artist.

You and your students will be amazed at what they are capable of! Educators and PTAs everywhere are searching for innovative solutions to do more with less. The Great Artist Program delivers quality art education for elementary students in a simple-to-implement, volunteer-based lessons and education that’s affordable.

Give your elementary school and your students the tremendous benefits of artistic expression and education. Let them discover the artist within as they study artists, movements, and mediums in the Great Artist Program. Students and teachers alike love this complete art curriculum. And volunteers love to teach it, too! Volunteers need no prior art background to teach the Great Artist Program.

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Our Blog for moms and little artists

Great Artist Mom
  • Remember learning about the value scale in middle school. The teacher would give you a piece of paper and have you draw a long rectangle broken into about 10 different squares. “Color these in from light to dark” she would say and then give you a white ball to draw. Value scales show the varying […]
  • Hello Artist Friends! How are you? I hope you have been drawing and painting like crazy! I have been teaching a ton, and I am thrilled. I told a friend the other day that this past month has been one of my happiest in a while because I have had so many opportunities to be […]
  • Hello Artist Friends, What did you dress up as for Halloween? I was looking for a great idea, and thought I would embrace by emotional artist side by dressing up as Frida Kahlo. It was pretty easy to pull together. I threw on a long skirt, an embroidered top and pulled apart my favorite fake […]

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